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Egyptian Tomb Graffiti

  This remote mountain tomb between Thebes and Aswan is intriguing not just for its own decorations but also the stylized old graffiti from explorers and tomb raiders who descended on the Nile Valley following Napoleon's Egypt campaign around 1800. As we can see, Charles Leonard Irby and James Mangles, the authors of "Travels in Egypt and Nubia, Syria, and the Holy Land" passed through in 1817. There's also a tag by the "Great Belzoni", a former circus entertainer who came to Egypt

Concealed Weapon

      At first it barely caught the eye. A small pencil drawing on a wall that was otherwise completely untouched. On my last excursions I've focused even more on the rare patient drawings that still cling to deteriorating asylum walls. This one at first seemed fake, something added by a recent visitor. But the surrounding paint was flaking enough to peel and find out. It wasn't possible to peek beyond the bullet, since the more solid paint chips were starting

Group Therapy

  Are your imaginary friends getting a little too intense? If so, maybe it's time to take a deep breath and spend some time with these dudes, who clearly only have your best interest at heart. Since these murals no longer exist in person, photos will have to suffice. Found at the splendid Dixmont State Hospital in Pennsylvania shortly before its demolition by Walmart in 2006.    


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