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Waiting for the Light to Change

  A marvelous piece of art found in the decrepit isolation ward of a state hospital. Easy to miss at first glance, it's a replica of the setting that covers what used to be the TV screen behind the chair. I especially like the faithful rendering of the debris. Below, a close-up of the image followed by a picture of the same scene two years ago.    


  Found in what appears to be the play room of a shuttered factory in Connecticut, assembled from a monkey, a doll, a severed hand, two rifles, a globe, a horse, feathers, a frog, and Godzilla waving from the number 4.


  In this formerly communist-run hospital, a soldier guards a dilapidated fuse box. It's unclear whose side he's on; maybe he's just trying to protect himself from falling paint chips. In the meantime, a power outlet has been conquered further down the hall.     But an even more subtle infiltration can be seen in the outer territories of the soldier's post.     The drawings around the windows at first blend in like intricately textured


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